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Lost Child Safety Tips


1. If you are in a store or closed area do not leave.
2. Look for personnel or staff in a uniform. (Preferably police or security guard first)
3. Let them know you are lost.
4. Give them your first and last name and your parentís name.
5. Be prepared to give them your address and phone number.
6. Tell them whom you were with prior to becoming lost.
7. Be prepared to give a description of what they were wearing.
8. Donít Panic, listen to each question, and speak clearly and slowly.
9. Give as much information as possible that you feel may help in locating you parent or guardian.
10. Remember they are trying to help you be returned safely.

These tips are advisory only and not intended neither to identify all security weaknesses nor to warrant the adequacy of all present and future safety measures.

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