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   Council meeting
   Margaret "Cookie" April
   Mayor, April, Chief
At a recent council meeting Ridley Park Police Chief Tom Byrne accepted a check for $4,560.00 from resident Margaret"Cookie" April. April, who lost her son Michael to an accidental overdose had approached Chief Byrne about the lack of drug education programs in 2012. When Byrne explained to her that the Police had lost its funding, April decided to do something about it. Five years ago the department, under the direction of Corporal Robert Frazier started a "Heroin Alert" program. With the assistance of Corporal James Nasella and several impact speakers the officers presented programs for our community. In 2008, the department received a grant from the U.S. Justice Department and the program expanded from just Ridley Park to the Philadelphia region. The officers presented to over 8,000 students, and over 1,000 parents. Presentations were done at St. Joseph's University, Widener University, Cumberland County Schools in New Jersey, as well as most Delaware County High schools and many community groups. Byrne when accepting the check said the number of kids these officers saved we will never know, but if we saved one kids life, it is worth it. The Taylor Hospital Community Foundation's President Kurt Slenn was present and pledged their continued support to the program and April's effort to raise more money. With the donation Byrne promised 14 programs would be presented in 2013. Anyone wishing to donate to this worthwhile program can do so by going to Taylor Community Foundation web site.


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